Rose Red, Season One by Jessica Parker (Ebook)


Happily ever after begins with a curse.


Happily ever after begins with a curse.

Red’s heart broke the day her father left. Ten years later, Red’s mother still refuses to leave their home, insisting that he will return. Red and her twin sister Snow stay by her side, unaware of their mother’s magical gift of commanding wild animals. That is, until one winter night when a bear shows up at their doorstep—and Red can understand him. Thrust into the midst of the Kingdom’s fate, Red, her steadfast friend, Talon, and his eagle Goldie, must find a means to break a powerful curse, before she can heal her family and have a chance to find her own happily ever after.

WHAT IS The Realm Where Faerie Tales Dwell?

Imagine a world in which Faerie Tales exist in the past, present and future? A realm where they cross over with our real lives at times and remain completely in the fantastical at others? What if we could cross over and vice versa? That’s the reality in The Realm Where Faerie Tales Dwell. Based in the StoryVerse started by author Jenni James, several other authors have come together to provide their own dazzling spin on classic faerie tales and new faerie tales alike.


  • Dragon’s Maid
  • Bean Finds a Pet
  • Pieces in the Cinders
  • Once Enchanted
  • Barley and Rye
  • Becoming Cinderella

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