Becoming Cinderella, Season One by Lecia Crider (Ebook)


There’s no escaping midnight.

A modern YA Cinderella retelling.


There’s no escaping midnight.

High school soccer star and part-time truffle hunter Dani Tucker is having a really bad day. As if being publicly humiliated by her boyfriend and suffering a season-ending injury aren’t bad enough, she also finds out her dad is dating again! When Magic offers her the chance to change it all—to live her own Cinderella story—Dani doesn’t hesitate. With visions of Prince Charming and happily ever after swimming through her head, Dani is completely blindsided when Cinderella’s life twists into her own like a tornado, leaving destruction in its wake. And when her midnight moment comes, she has to decide which life to choose and which to give up… forever.

A modern spin on a classic fairy tale, Becoming Cinderella is a story of friendship, family and magical blessings going awry. Fans of H2O: Just Add Water and Gail Carson Levine’s The Wish will love the high school humor, magical mishaps, and step mama drama.


Courageous damsels, conniving dragons, dwarves obsessed with beard grooming… The Realm Where Faerie Tales Dwell is home to them all. Traditional fairy tales from Cinderella to The Princess and the Pea blend with murder mystery and good old fashioned adventure. Join heroines and heroes alike as they fight ogres, uncover political secrets, and learn why you should never duel someone who’s sitting down.


  • Pieces in the Cinders
  • Rose Red
  • Bean Finds a Pet
  • The Faceless Princess
  • Barley and Rye
  • Transforming Magic
  • The Dragon’s Maid

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