Barley and Rye, Season One by Rebecca J. Carlson (Ebook)


Courage, kindness… and a magic sword.

A charming Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure.


Courage, kindness… and a magic sword.

That’s what Barley needs to rescue his brother Rye from Lost Castle, a place from which no child has ever returned. When Rye is captured, Barley sets out to do the impossible and bring him home. Along the way, he meets a wacky witch who loans him a magic sword which no enemy can stand against. But it’s up to him to keep his heart unselfish so the magic can do its work.

After storming Lost Castle, tales of Barley’s brave deeds attract the attention of a king, who summons him in the hopes he can defeat a troublesome sea dragon. But the magic sword doesn’t work so well against enemies who swim instead of stand, and this time Rye may have to step up and rescue his brother Barley.

A perfect book for young readers, Barley & Rye is a story of courage, selflessness, and helping your brother even when he’s annoying. Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series and Five Children and It will love the tricky magical creatures, silliness, and heartwarming adventures.


Courageous damsels, conniving dragons, dwarves obsessed with beard grooming… The Realm Where Faerie Tales Dwell is home to them all. Traditional fairy tales from Cinderella to The Princess and the Pea blend with murder mystery and good old fashioned adventure. Join heroines and heroes alike as they fight ogres, uncover political secrets, and learn why you should never duel someone who’s sitting down.


  • Pieces in the Cinders
  • Rose Red
  • Bean Finds a Pet
  • The Faceless Princess
  • Barley and Rye
  • Transforming Magic

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